Juneau Climbing and Recreation

In 2012, The Rock Dump went non-profit. Juneau Climbing & Recreation (JCR) is the community organization that operates the gym. The principal goals of JCR are to promote physical education for our youth and encourage indoor climbing to improve one’s strength and balance.

The board of directors currently has 7 members. You can read a little about them below.

Eran Hood

Eran learned to climb in the 1980s when neon lycra reigned supreme. He climbed throughout the western US before moving to Juneau in 2002 to take a job teaching in the Environmental Science Program at UAS. He is committed to developing the climbing community in Juneau and hopes to someday resurrect his own climbing career. 

Emily Nauman

Emily has been climbing for nearly 15 years.  Her passions for climbing and skiing have taken her all over the world.  You'll frequently find Emily training in the Rock Dump, where she is always willing to take a break to talk about the gym.  Emily is also a board member and active participant in Juneau Mountain Rescue.

Demian Schane

Demian moved to Juneau in 2003 and has served on the board since the founding of Juneau, Climbing & Recreation. He is married and a father of three kids who will soon, if not already, climb harder routes than he does.

Jess Brown

Jess originally started climbing on an Outward Bound trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota and has been hooked ever since! Jess is equally passionate about getting others climbing and feeling confident on the wall- you may recognize her from years of teaching the weekly women's class.

Bob Lafavour

Bob is a life-long Juneau resident that recently joined the board. He started climbing at the Rock Dump in 2005 and has been a regular member since. When he's not at the Rock Dump, he can be found hiking up mountains or speeding down them on skis.