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Top Rope Climbing

The Rock Dump has 39 Top Ropes with 45-60 routes. The walls range from 30ft-40ft in height with a variety of features and angles. The routes range in difficulty from 5.5 - 5.13 and can be distinguished by thier colored tape.  We provide the ropes, the belay devices, and instruction on how to use them.


The Rock Dump offers three bouldering areas: the cave, the main board, and the tunnel (pictured above). Routes range in difficulty from VB-V8. 

Training equipment is available, including hang and campus boards, limited free weights, and a pull-up bar.

Special Features

Puzzle Wall_edited.jpg
rainbow road.PNG

Puzzle Circuit

Test your endurance on our 100 move linked circuit.  A fun project for solo days at the gym.

Rainbow Road

We created Rainbow Road to help children develop courage, enthusiasm, and self-confidence.  Help your young climber explore the wall, looking for their animal friends along the way.  If they are able to make it to the top, they can celebrate their accomplishment by ringing a bell.  Rainbow Road is great way to introduce a new climber to the exciting world of climbing.

Speed Route

With Olympic climbing right around the corner, we have created an imitation speed route.  Our wall is 10 meters instead of the regulation 15 meters, a slightly different angle, and our hold spacing is not exact. But when it takes 20-60 seconds to climb, it helps create appreciation for what these athletes are able to accomplish in under 6 seconds!

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